Digital Documents

Our Experience

Spanning our 30 year history, Software Imaging has acquired a wealth of experience in digital document processing. We continue to supply diverse and innovative solutions to the worldwide print and imaging industries.

In collaboration with our customers, we have developed flexible toolkits and patented technologies in the desktop and mobile printing arena. From low-level half-toning and color management solutions to highly optimized PDL generation technologies, we pride ourselves on reliability and performance.

Complimentary to our printer driver technologies, we have developed RIP and conversion toolkits for fixed document formats such as XPS and PDF. This allows us to deliver printing solutions beyond the confines of the desktop.

Development of mobile and cloud printing solutions has led us to expertise in the conversion of numerous document types, including Microsoft binary and XML Office document formats.

This scope of experience lets us swiftly deliver effective digital document solutions, from low-level embedded platforms to cloud services.

XML Paper Specification

From its earliest stage of development, Software Imaging participated in the design and evolution of Microsoft’s XML Paper Specification. Our involvement and understanding ideally positions us to provide you with XPS processing solutions.

To accompany the XPS-based print architecture introduced with the release of Windows Vista, Software Imaging supplied Microsoft with the XPSDrv Windows sample. We have also contributed to the development of the format through participation in the ECMA standardization of the Open XML Paper Specification.

Software Imaging’s PrintMagicXPS toolkit provides high fidelity document rendering with exceptional performance. Please install our XPS Viewer and see for yourself.

The Vellum toolkit provides processing to remove or simplify all aspects of XPS, allowing the document content to be expressed in a less capable format. Whether removing transparency or simplifying path geometry, Vellum provides an extremely fast and flexible conversion tool that can be tailored to your needs.

Office Documents

Beyond the fixed format documents suited to print devices, we also have expertise in processing Microsoft Office document formats on the mobile, desktop and in the cloud.

When we embarked on the journey to mobile printing, we quickly understood the need for accurate reproduction of Microsoft Office content. To achieve the desired level of quality requires a deep understanding of not only document structure, but also accurate processing of re-flowing document content.

The expertise we have in fonts and typography continues to stand us in good stead when aiming for the best possible reproduction. This is especially true for mobile devices, which have stricter limits on resources than on the desktop.

Microsoft Office has a rich and well defined automation API of which we have a good understanding. From document conversion to content manipulation, we can help you with your document workflow and archiving solutions.