Print Technology

Windows Driver Solutions

Windows printing solutions remain a core strength of Software Imaging. We are ready to help you develop your printer drivers and to provide responsive support when you need it.

Our understanding of print driver technology is extremely broad; from the early days of Windows to the latest V4 drivers we are experienced with all printer types. Be it wide & large format, budget desktop or high end office printers. We can supply drivers tailored to an individual device or generic solutions across entire product lines.

If you would like to develop your driver solution in house, we can provide the right Driver Development Kit and the training to use it. If you need engineering resources, we can also work with you to deliver a reliable tested driver.

Diverse Printing Solutions

Software Imaging has a hugely diverse range of technologies and expertise available to assist you develop the right software solution for your printer.

We can offer solutions to improve your printed output through technologies and development kits that assist with colour calibration, halftoning and stochastic screening.

During the development of document printing solutions, we have come to understand the cost and inefficiencies involved with manual print tests. Our paperless print test framework eliminates printer consumable costs, reduces the time to test huge number of documents and can be run as part of an automated regression test system.

Our print solutions are not restricted to the Windows platform; we have developed printing solutions for Android, iOS, OS X and Linux.