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Value Proposition takes peer mentoring online

Tyfy (Third Year First Year) automates peer mentoring in Universities, makingmentoring more engaging, more effective, and much much easier

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Connecting students with questions to students with answers.

Established in 2017 when Founder, James Doherty, was graduating from the University of Nottingham. James realised himself and his friends, as final year students, were beacons of knowledge about their university, courses, and the student experience – and that this was a hugely untapped resource of information and support those students just starting university could benefit from.

The primary aim of the Tyfy software is to ensure that every student has someone to turn to for help. By taking the software online, we make support more accessible practically, in that students can talk to mentors remotely, efficiently and at a time that suits them. However, at Tyfy we understand asking for help can be difficult; the idea of talking to a mentor face to face can be so daunting (especially for those particularly at risk) that they would rather not reach out at all. By allowing students to communicate with mentors behind the comfort and familiarity of a phone screen, we make it easier and more comfortable for them to reach out, thus maximising the chances of them accessing the correct support.

Tyfy is an online communication solution facilitating peer to peer mentoring support between university students. Students are matched with mentors based on shared characteristics and can communicate remotely using the software.

Software Features

Automated matching:

The Tyfy algorithm matches students with mentors based on shared experiences. Recommended mentors are displayed based on modules studied by the mentee, but mentees can also search for other key words relating to extra-curricular or pastoral experiences. This streamlined matching ensures mentors are well placed to help with queries, and that mentoring partnerships are efficient and genuinely useful.

Review systems:

The review system is designed to incentivise engagement with mentoring for the mentors. Mentors are reviewed in-app by the students they help at the end of every interaction. This enables them to build up a portfolio of reviews based on soft skills and other attributes employers look for, that can then be used to demonstrate the skills on their CV.


All engagements can be reported by both the mentor and mentee using our report button. Students are encouraged to report behavioural and academic issues as well as any potential safeguarding concerns. Reports are sent directly to an academic administrator from the university, who can then review the conversation and take action according to standard university procedure. For example, if a mentor is worried about the wellbeing of a student they’re supporting, they can report the conversation and have it sent directly to the university’s wellbeing team. Similarly, if a mentee is made to feel uncomfortable or if a mentor is using the system inappropriately in any way, this can be reported to the university’s disciplinary team. This creates an ‘extra point of contact’ whereby staff can monitor these interactions in a way they could not if they’d taken place in person, because there is ‘proof’ of what went on. The benefits of monitoring also work both ways – if a student unwarrantedly or unfairly reports a mentor, staff can decide on what action to take.

Chat functions:

Students can communicate privately with mentors directly through the Tyfy software from their phone, tablet or desktop. This enables them to access support remotely and at a time that is convenient to them.


Students can communicate in a group setting using the forum function. Users can ‘tag in’ modules to streamline discussions.

Tyfy is proven to increase student engagement with their mentoring scheme by over 200%

Benefits to Students

Benefits to Mentors

Benefits to the University

Tyfy can improve an institution’s retention rate by up to 50%

How Tyfy supports University departments

Academic staff

Careers department

Well-being teams

What do students think?

By having access to experienced third year students I have been able to further my academic abilities, would definitely recommend to future first years.

Tyfy has given me tangible evidence of my skills through reviews, which helps me stand out from the crowd in interviews.

It is easy to see how well you are engaging with the buddy system.

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