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TechScope with Sarika: Insights from the Machine Vision Conference 2023

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Welcome to our new series, “TechScope with Sarika” where we journey alongside our Sales Account Executive, Sarika, as she attends various industry events, bringing us the latest insights and trends in software engineering and development.

In today’s installment, we delve into Sarika’s experiences from the Machine Vision and Automation event held at Coventry Arena on June 20, 2023.



The Event: A Technological Dive


The conference aimed to explore the latest advancements, applications, and prospects of machine vision and automation technologies, with over 50 exhibitors in attendance. The day was filled with panel discussions, keynote speeches, product showcases, and workshops, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in the cutting-edge of machine vision technology.


Key Themes


Increased Efficiency: Leveraging computer vision algorithms and automated systems, companies are achieving significant improvements in manufacturing speed, accuracy, and process optimization.

Quality Control and Inspection: Real-time inspection and quality control are becoming industry standards across various sectors, thanks to the integration of machine vision systems.

Job Transformation: While automation technologies have the potential to replace certain manual tasks, the consensus among experts is that they will lead to job transformation rather than complete job loss.

Ethical Considerations: The event shed light on the ethical challenges associated with machine vision and automation, igniting discussions around data privacy, algorithmic bias, and the impact of automation on vulnerable communities.






While the visitor enthusiasm was lower than expected, the event highlighted the need for continued collaboration and exploration in the field of machine vision and automation. It served as a platform for industry experts, researchers, and technology enthusiasts to delve into the latest advancements and applications of this transformative technology.

We’re excited to bring you more behind-the-scenes coverage from Sarika’s travels. Stay tuned for our next “TechScope with Sarika” update.


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