TimeShift Rostering and Scheduling Software

Rostering & Scheduling

Powered by Software Imaging's unique optimization engine, TimeShift solves even the most complex rostering and scheduling problems. It's a scalable, flexible platform that produces optimal schedules with minimal effort and time.

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Get the most intelligent schedule – for every shift.

TimeShift is a flexible, cloud-based workforce management solution built for businesses with complex rostering and scheduling needs. It can be used out of the box, or customized for specific business constraints – present or future.

TimeShift utilizes a
'genetic' algorithm to deliver rostering intelligence.

The best scheduling technology available.

Software Imaging's algorithm can find the optimum solution to a rostering or scheduling problem through an iterative process that resembles Darwinian natural selection – hence the name "genetic." TimeShift is the only solution on the market with this available.

Minimize Wasted Staff Time

Restaurant and retail managers currently spend up to 80% of their time scheduling employees. For large chains, that can mean millions of wasted pounds per year. TimeShift eliminates that waste by utilizing advanced machine learning and Software Imaging's unique rostering algorithm. 

What could your managers do with 20 or more extra hours per week? With TimeShift, you'll find out.

Ensure Optimal Schedules

The Software Imaging rostering algorithm is the ideal solution to meet both business cases and employee needs. TimeShift uses it to ensure maximum visibility for all audiences, as well as optimal coverage for every single shift.

Ensure Maximum Visibility

Your employees need to know when to report to work – and how to modify their schedules when they need to. TimeShift gives them access from any device – any time, anywhere.

TimeShift pays for itself many times over. The solution has brought one customer projected annual savings of more than $4.8 million, largely through eliminating the administrative effort that used to be required to produce schedules. In addition, management has far better visibility into resource use and profitability.

TimeShift is proven to deliver real, tangible ROI for businesses.

TimeShift offers both rostering automation and a high degree of flexibility.

Many scheduling and rostering solutions are little more than tools for manual work. TimeShift takes the time and effort out of building optimal shift plans without being inflexible. Rosters can always be configured, tweaked or overridden by managers via a simple, user-friendly interface. It's the best of both worlds.

Modern companies depend on multiple systems to run their businesses. TimeShift's API architecture lets you easily share data with your HRIS, HCM, time and attendance system – or any other piece of software, existing or future.

Integrate with any other business application.

"We were spending hours rostering our staff before we started using TimeShift. Autofill is like magic, it sends our incomplete rosters to the optimisation engine and they are completed in no time "

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