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Align your technical strategies with your business goal with SI Review

The aim of SIReview™ is to provide technical analysis activities to establish the client’s technical environment in full and to document, we aim to find out what of our client’s current systems need upgrade, systems that could be integrated with one another, built upon, or simply require starting over.

Information which is often not considered fully when purchasing new systems or building bespoke software, or ask a simple question what modifications could we make to make them work?

But most importantly establish the technical constraints that will influence the future of our client’s technical environment and running costs.

Technical Analysis of SIReview™

The technical analysis for SI review is undertaken by a technical architect supported by a team of experienced development staff. The work requires interaction with the client’s staff with knowledge of all the current systems and can be performed onsite or remotely via web conferencing.

The SIReview™ activity is continually updated, below an example of what it covers:

Single Sign On

Buy / build options

Open source, or proprietary packages


External integration points

Data/ content sources

Server side/client-side rendering

Software feasibility

Detailed existing systems review

Infrastructure and hosting

Device versions

High level technical architecture

SIReview™ will investigate high level technical architecture and provide an outline technical architectural guide to future development/enhancement. In keeping with Agile best practices, the technical designs will seek to cover all areas of the systems at a high level both to guid future development and ensure internal compatibility within the systems. The technical designs will be performed by a software imaging architect and in partnership with the client’s technical team to seek to educate and share knowledge of best practice.


Upon completion of the analysis, the review activity allows software imaging and the client to play back what has been learnt from SI review activities and plan together any next steps.

Costs (How long is a piece of string)

SIReview™ costs and activity is determined on the size and scale of the environment we are being asked to review. An organisation with 5 employees will obviously differ to that with 5000. For example, looking into an issue like single sign on alone could take up to 3 days, and comparing whether you buy, or build could take up to 10 days of activity. Every organisation is different and will be treated accordingly until we fully understand the scale of the client’s request.

What our Clients say about us

The feedback we get from our clients is consistent. We take real ownership. We happily serve as mentors in tech and Agile. We listen to real business needs instead of just shipping features.
  • Software Imaging has been a valuable and trusted partner for Global Graphics on a variety of imaging projects over the year. They have always been there for us.

    Justin Bailey

    Managing Director, Global Graphics Software
  • Ricoh has worked with Software Imaging for many years and we would like to see Software Imaging maintain its independence in the marketplace as a trusted and respected supplied of imaging technologies.


    GM, Ricoh
  • The experienced and knowledgeable engineers at Software Imaging have supported Zeta with key software development services for a number of years, helping us to deliver our new electric vehicle charging products.

    Philip Shadbolt OBE

    Chairman & CEO, Zeta Specialist Lighting Ltd - EZ Charge Ltd
  • We have been pleased with the technical quality of Software Imaging’s code deliverables, and have no hesitation in recommending Software Imaging’s technical capability in imaging development.

    Jonathan Schwartz

    Worldwide Business Development Manager, Microsoft

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