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Chatbots built for you by you

Whether its automating customer care, freeing your people from repetitive tasks or optimising your sales engagement we can help you build the chatbots you need to transform the way you work.

All your chatbots solutions delivered through one platform.

Expand the way you work with ChatForge.

Connect your systems so that you never miss a lead or opportunity with a simple set of responses.

ChatForge Features


ChatForge uses industry standard authentication methods so it can easily fit in to your organisations security architecture and means users don’t have yet another different username & password to remember. Added to that, ChatForge does not hold data and is fully compliant to all aspects of GDPR.


It has the power to deal with transformation, logic and API interactions. The Digital Assistants that you create can easily connect with your existing business systems and help automate those processes which may be causing pain points across your business.

Intelligent Natural Language Processing

Using a natural language processor called LUIS, Digital Assistants are able to understand what is being said even if it’s grammatically incorrect or using local phrases and idioms. It means that questions can be phrased as the user naturally speaks instead of being forced to interact in a more ‘unnatural’ way.

Seamless User Experience

ChatForge can be layered over existing business systems to rejuvenate or integrate existing processes into one single seamless user experience. It can even push out insightful information, notifications and actions to end-users.

How we help ChatForge integrate with your business


Scope your requirements with you and provide a full end-to-end 'Digital Assistant 2 Go' service.


Offer consultancy and knowledge transfer and build the Digital Assistant together.


We provide the platform and resources so that you can design and build your own Digital Assistant.

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