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The Power of Peer Mentoring

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This year, the global COVID-19 pandemic changed every area of the higher education experience, from enrollment to commencement. One of the greatest threats has been to relationships and community. Without classes, dorms, gatherings and study groups, students lack the points of social connection integral to student satisfaction and success. The solution is Peer mentoring – every student should be able to get support.


What is Peer Mentoring?


Peer mentoring describes a relationship where a more experienced student helps a less experienced student improve overall academic performance and provides advice, support, and knowledge to the mentee.

A Peer Mentor is a current student in their third year who offers support and tips for being a successful student. They are willing to share their own knowledge and experience. Peer Mentors will help first year students form a community, make important connections, and achieve a sense of belonging on campus.


The Benefits


Loneliness, anxiety and depression is something that more of the students experience in their first year at the University. Peer Mentoring provides support and helps students to realize that they are not alone. Peer mentoring is designed to help you grow. Mentors have studied the same modules and they can offer advice based on specific challenges.


Our Solution


Tyfy (Third Year First Year) automates peer mentoring in universities, making mentoring more engaging, more effective, and much easier. Tyfy increases student engagement by over 200%.

The Tyfy algorithm matches students with mentors based on their shared experiences. The software provides a recommended list of mentors for each student based on modules, but students can also use our search function to find mentors based on other indicators like pastoral queries, extra-curricular activities and shared interests.

Contact us today and provide revolutionary solution to your students!