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Unifying Web Development with Uniface: One Model to Fit All

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As the digital world continues to evolve, so does the demand for high productivity and versatile development tools. Key to this evolution is a tool that offers seamless integration with popular web technologies and a unified approach to diverse platforms. Uniface emerges as this key player, marking its presence as a high-yield tool in the realm of web development.


Understanding Uniface in the Web Sphere


Uniface, a model-driven, high-productivity Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment, is carving its niche for its adaptability and versatility. It assimilates with modern web technologies like HTML, REST, Rich Internet Applications (RIA), and mobile technologies, making it an optimal choice for developers building scalable web and mobile applications. Moreover, enhancements to Uniface’s Dynamic Server Pages (DSP) elevate its user-friendly and versatile attributes.




Uniface and HTML: A Dynamic Duo


HTML is indispensable to web content. Uniface, with its compatibility with HTML, allows developers to utilize their HTML expertise to formulate rich, dynamic web content. It effectively marries traditional application development with contemporary web development practices.


Uniface and REST: Streamlined Web Services


RESTful web services are pivotal to current web applications. With its support for REST, Uniface facilitates the creation and consumption of RESTful web services, thereby simplifying the development process and enabling highly interactive applications.



Uniface and RIA: Elevating User Experience


RIAs have revolutionized user-web content interaction. Uniface empowers developers to create RIAs that augment user experiences with components like audio, video, and other interactive features. Its compatibility extends to mobile applications, broadening the horizon for mobile web experiences.


One Model to Fit All: The Uniface Promise


Uniface’s flagship feature is its “one model fits all” philosophy. By harnessing a single development process, Uniface can create applications for an array of platforms – be it web, mobile, or even legacy systems. This results in substantial time savings, reduced complexity, and an enhanced overall productivity of the development process.

Further, the enhancements to Uniface’s Dynamic Server Pages (DSP) amplify this versatility. With DSPs, Uniface applications can create and serve dynamic web content, making it a formidable tool for developers. Recent improvements to DSPs have made them more efficient and user-friendly, solidifying Uniface’s position as a high-performance tool for web development.




With its compatibility with key web technologies and its commitment to a unified model for all platforms, Uniface stands out as one of the most productive tools for web development. Whether it’s creating dynamic web content, developing rich internet applications, or streamlining your web services, Uniface delivers the tools and capabilities to meet the demands.

At Software Imaging, we believe in leveraging the best tools for optimal outcomes. We offer Uniface services, delivered by a team of expert developers.