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Your business can’t afford manual scheduling

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At Software Imaging, we do our best to listen to our clients and their needs.

Trying to organize hourly workers when you have hundreds of employees, numerous locations and countless variables to control can be exhausting. Many scheduling processes are created through lackluster and inefficient tools such as Excel, whiteboards or simple pen and paper, which only adds to this headache.

Cloud-based solutions are attempting to fix these problems by redefining the organization of hourly shifts through smart scheduling, thus cutting out the arduous process of manual scheduling, maximizing employee satisfaction, and responding to the demands of your industry.


3 disadvantages of scheduling in Excel


  • Time! – You’re spending more time creating shift schedules than the number of hours you’re scheduling
  • No Call, No Show Employees – What will happen if in short notice someone call sick? If all your employees are already scheduled, it leaves no room for shift changes. Even if you find coverage, there’s a domino effect, and manually entering all the changes is time-consuming.
  • I lost the schedule! –  What happens when you lose the schedule or you forgot what did you name the spreadsheet? –
  • With an advanced workforce management solution your schedule is always available in the cloud no matter what computer you use to access it!


Now, can you do the employee scheduling fast and efficient? Yes!

Imagine that scheduling and employee planning can be done in minutes, not hours! It is possible now with TimeShift – the best employee scheduling solution, your employees will love it!


Whether you are operating around the clock using a set rotation or adjusting your staffing every day, TimeShift has solutions that are highly tailored to your business: your rules, your workers, your goals. TimeShift uses artificial intelligence to automate the process of ensuring the right workers are scheduled for the right shift, and that those shifts will be in compliance with local regulations. With TimeShift, your organization can easily and accurately create error-free, dynamic schedules for your staff by location, department, position, and/or skills— with real-time availability conflict checking.


Interested in finding more about TimeShift Visit click here to find out how our acclaimed platform helped thousands of organizations optimize their shift scheduling or email us to schedule a demo.