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Case Study

Assured Continuity & Cost Efficiency

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Finance services organisation based in the midlands has 1 x fulltime Uniface resource, currently looking to reduce hours after more than 20 years of employment.


Our client wishes to provide financial services to a European customer base and need to achieve this with Uniface at the forefront of their business core business systems.


Software Imaging and Unividuals hosted a customer event to demonstrate the challenges faced by companies using Uniface today highlighting the emerging pressures on Uniface resources in the next 5 years. The demonstrations included visualisations of where Heritage computer systems face pressures from a global lack of resources increasing costs and a shortage of knowledge in the Uniface marketplace and the urgency to act now.

Service Provided


Software imaging and Unividuals were able to provide our Uniface assurance services providing assurances that in the eventuality that their resource is off sick, on holiday or eventually retiring from the organisation, they no longer need to worry about the running or stability of their Uniface environment. This has been achieved by running a full familiarisation program along with proactive support, help desk and project services. Whilst running in conjunction with their current resource, it allows future planning to take place and will be eventually more cost effective that employing their current resource.