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Case Study

Easy to use interview assessment tool

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An established Strategic Resourcing Consultancy were looking to create a web application that applies their proprietary interview assessment in an easy-to-use and secure tool to identify high-potential candidates for their clients.


Develop an online service for a UK customer base that provides an intuitive and effective mechanism to allow low bias, improved ED&I selection of high-potential candidates during the recruitment process.


Software Imaging, in close collaboration with the customer, designed and developed an online web application that incorporates the customers proprietary assessment methodology, exploring a candidates suitability based on motivation and fit to the role. The solution utilises the Azure cloud platform to ensure a scalable and secure platform while providing high-uptime services.

Software Imaging provided an experienced team of web developers, UX experts and architects that worked closely with the customer, using the agile methodology, to deliver a solution that met the real needs of the business.

Service Offering


Software Imaging developed a secure, scalable, and intuitive application that guides the end user through the complex process of assessing a candidate based on the customers proprietary assessment criteria. The agile methodology allowed Software Imaging to adapt and handle late breaking requirements without compromising the underlying solution and user experience.

Software Imaging’s services provide consultation and support to ensure the application continues to meet the objectives of the customer and to ensure the solution meets the high service level required.

The Application

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