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Case Study

Innovative software solution saves millions

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Delaware North offer world class food-services management, operating and managing some of the worlds busiest and famous kitchens including gaming venues, sports venues, entertainment parks and resorts.

Being recognised as the global leader in hospitality since 1915, this ground-breaking business is solving major infrastructure expenditure by working with Software Imaging to develop an application to prevent costly EPOS equipment replacement.


Delaware North approached Software Imaging during the latter part of 2021.

They reached out to us as they were having some issues with their EPOS (J2 225) equipment. The systems used at Wembley stadium had originally been shipped with a custom Windows® XP 32-bit display driver.

The equipment was subsequently upgraded to a 64-bit Windows® 10 environment resulting in a custom display driver issue which caused the EPOS till to go into lowpower mode which kept dimming the screens.

Staff were being hindered by this problem, complaining that it was inconvenient having to exit this mode whilst busy trying to serve their customers.

The Challenge

Due to a world class sporting event taking place at Wembley Stadium, Delaware North considered a number of options including a complete hardware upgrade, which would have cost millions and would have required EPOS till downtime.

Due to these large costs and timescales they contacted Software Imaging to see if a bespoke computer application might help resolve this problem.


The Solution

Delaware North realised with the help of Software Imaging an innovative bespoke solution could be developed to resolve the problem immediately addressing the challenges they faced. This ensured that all of their 900+ EPOS tills (J2 225) remained operational in readiness for a major sporting event taking place at Wembley stadium the following month, namley the England vs. Hungary match.

Software Imaging developed a Windows® based application that prevented the screen on the till from entering a low-power mode which kept dimming the screen. This was a short-term fix that prevented the problem experienced by the staff ensuring the screen could operate for a longer period of time.

Subsequently, Software Imaging then developed an application that provides a long-term fix, whereby instead of preventing the till going into a low-power mode, the application reconfigures the hardware preventing it from dimming the screen which users found difficult to see in good lighting.

Once the application was uninstalled the till continued to operate as usual honouring the Windows® schedule for turning off the screen.

The Result

Software Imaging’s bespoke approach has enabled Delaware North to prolong the life of their EPOS estate, estimating at least another 10 years of service. Saving millions of pounds across their UK estate of sporting venues.

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