Software Imaging

Case Study

Maintaining Key Systems & Ongoing Support

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An aerospace company based near London, working with two Uniface resources. having failed to retain two further trainees after recent Uniface internal education.


A decision to continue to maintain key systems running on Uniface rather than migrating, has driven the organisation to place Uniface higher on its priority of systems requiring support and security enhancement.


Software imaging and Unividuals demonstrated to this organisation that they urgently needed to address system upgrades from version 7-10 demonstrating security vulnerabilities and a lack of current Uniface knowledge. Running tools to ascertain issues we were able to show security risks and improvements to be made, whilst also exposing a lack of Uniface systems knowledge within the company.

Service Provided


Software Imaging and Unividuals, discussed the challenges in the global Uniface marketplace and lack of available skilled resources suggesting that they should consider Uniface assurance services to future proof their support and development for their key platform for the years ahead. Following detailed familiarisation, we have implemented proactive monitoring under an SLA that meets the needs of our theirs and our organisations. Whilst running major education programs to enhance the skills of their fulltime Uniface resources through our Uniface education academy.