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Morisawa Embedded Font Solution

Morisawa provides high-quality multilingual fonts for embedding in modern devices

Font products perfect for embedded use in mobile phones, tablets,car navigation systems, home appliances, MFPs, digital TVs, FA equipment, signage, medical devices, IoT, and more...

TrueType and OpenType Fonts

Our integrated development framework is the proven approach typically taken to design and deploy application solutions and is derived largely from Agile principles. Aside from detailing key activities and deliverables over a number of key phases, it also details the relationship and dialogue points between the delivery disciplines that compromise our application development and integration.

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Available character sets

Bitmap Fonts

As fonts composed of dots, bitmap fonts can be used in most embedded devices and applications.Text can be displayed and printed even in environments without an operating system.These qualities make bitmap fonts popular across a broad range of products including home appliances, wearables, FA equipment, medical devices, and dot matrix LED signs.



Multilingual Supported scripts (by country)*

Morisawa multilingual bitmap fonts can be used for Chinese, Korean, English, and many other Asian and Latin scripts. In conjunction with Layout Engine, even bitmap fonts for scripts considered complex – such as Thai, Arabic, or Hindi – can be displayed accurately.

Clarimo UD PE

*Clarimo UD Series fonts*

Morisawa Font Library enhances global branding, breaching the gap, and bringing global business closer with the support of major languages in the world. Clarimo UD PE supports Morisawa’s original PE (Pan-European) character set, which covers 151 languages, including Cyrillic, Greek, and Vietnamese scripts. The font comes in 8 weights from ExtraLight to Ultra and can be used in a wide variety of placements from body text to signs.

Extra Light/Light/Regular/Medium/Demi Bold/Bold/Heavy/Ultra.

The PE set supports 151 languages in total.

Clarimo UD Arabic

Arabic script is mainly used to write Arabic, Persian, and Urdu language, and read from right to left. The design is carefully adjusted to avoid each letter to be misread. The font allows delicate expression with a variety of variants, ligatures, and symbols.

Regular/Medium/Demi Bold/Bold

Clarimo UD Devanagari

Devanagari script is mainly used for many of the Indic languages such as Hindi and Nepali. It is designed to be highly readable with large spaces in the counters. With the variety of ligatures, its versatile design can illustrate not only daily use but many more occasions.

Regular/Medium/Demi Bold/Bold

Clarimo UD Thai Series

Thai script design comes in two styles. The design with circled features at the terminals called “Loop” offers traditional construction and mainly used for body text for natives. Clarimo UD Thai series also includes frequently used italic style, which enriches texts and provides delicate expressions.

Light/Regular/Medium/Demi Bold/Bold 

Universal design fonts

UD fonts have been designed to ensure legibility, readability, and ease of distinguishing characters. Intentions behind each character or piece of text are conveyed with precision. UD fonts maintain the universal appeal and user-friendliness of these design principles. *Clear, legible characters*

Scalable Fonts

Scalable font with an extremely light footprint. Applies original hinting for readability at small sizes and fast, beautiful rendering at larger sizes. Covers nearly 50 world languages, including double-byte Asian scripts. Mobile Font continues to be used by manufacturers worldwide for its quality, light footprint, speed, and multilingual support, as larger, higher-resolution LCD panels are employed in embedded systems.

Text effects and free rotation



Layout Engine

Enables easy and accurate display of complex scripts such as Thai, Arabic, and Hindi with bitmap fonts, TrueType fonts, or Mobile Font. Many world languages are supported, including left-to-right and right-to-left scripts or combinations of both. A good choice for embedded devices used around the world.



Complex Script Support

Examples of Composing Text

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  • Software Imaging has been a valuable and trusted partner for Global Graphics on a variety of imaging projects over the year. They have always been there for us.

    Justin Bailey

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    GM, Ricoh
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    Philip Shadbolt OBE

    Chairman & CEO, Zeta Specialist Lighting Ltd - EZ Charge Ltd
  • We have been pleased with the technical quality of Software Imaging’s code deliverables, and have no hesitation in recommending Software Imaging’s technical capability in imaging development.

    Jonathan Schwartz

    Worldwide Business Development Manager, Microsoft

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