What is Uniface?


Uniface is a global software company that provides a highly productive development and deployment platform. Organizations worldwide choose Uniface to build mission-critical applications at a high abstraction level, realizing benefits such as productivity, reliability and scalability, not only during the development phase, but also once deployed. With continuous support for the latest technologies including mobile, web and cloud, Uniface customers are able to build once, deploy anywhere, enabling them to keep current of technology trends and innovations. Founded in 1984, Uniface is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with a global presence through local offices and distributor channels.

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How we can help?

Software Imaging is a Uniface authorised partner and has the UK’s largest Uniface development team. We pride ourselves in helping existing Uniface licensees get the most out of their existing applications and creating new applications.

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UniWraptor is a tool developed by Software Imaging that converts Uniface desktop applications into progressive web applications without requiring further Uniface development by using a RESTful service. Progressive web applications can be ran anywhere regardless of the screen size or device used, by utilising the available screen space allowing for a great user experience for all users.

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