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Park Air Base Soesterberg


23 June 2023



On Tuesday, October 3, 2023, the Uniface Benelux users association will organize the 2023 autumn conference in Kermis at the base at Park Air Base  Soesterberg . This unique location is based on a special concept. The shelter contains all kinds of fairground attractions that are always linked to the stories of tomorrow, the imagination of creative processes and the amazement about new technological possibilities.

Why are you attending the Uniface Fall Conference 2023?

  • Stay informed:   Discover the latest features and innovations in Uniface technology that will optimize your software development processes and improve business results.
  • Learn from the experts: Hear from our team of Uniface experts and industry professionals on the latest insights, tips and best practices through informative sessions and interactive demos.
  • Network with colleagues: Meet other Uniface users, developers, and professionals from all over Europe, and expand your professional network for further collaboration and partnerships.
  • Live demos show the latest features of Uniface that you can immediately use in your own projects.
  • Meet the Uniface team: Ask questions to the Uniface experts and provide feedback on the Uniface development environment. Let us know what your preferences and wishes are.

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend the Uniface Fall Conference and take your software skills to the next level.

Face to Face Fall Conference 2023

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