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Value Proposition

Enhanced Industrial IoT solutions

UMKaisen uses Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices and video cameras to collect manufacturing data

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Project objectives: this was divided into two phases. Implement functional enhancements and then move the deployment from being on-premise to a hybrid deployment incorporating the cloud.

UMKaizen is an IIoT platform that solves manufacturing problems through continuous improvement. Two key manufacturing resources, people and technology can be optimized through the ongoing collection and analysis of manufacturing data. UMKaizen connects technology such as machines, robots, and IoT devices and then collects and consolidates data.

It also provides fully automated Cycle Time collection, machine monitoring, data analytics and leads the factory to make better decisions. Strong Integration capabilities enable the collection and analysis of data from sources external to the Ultimate Manufacturing Platform

Key Points

Save Time and Reduce Costs

Phase 1: Functional enhancements

Extend the camera capability

Extend the analytics of manufacturing Cycle Times (CT) and Machine Times (MT)

Implement a ‘Query Dashboard’ for recorded data

Comments and Notes recording

Dashboards to visualize production volume data:

Phase 2: Hybrid deployment

Monitoring actvites at a local level remain on-premise, the principle reasons being dependencies on some recordingand monitoring IoT devices requiring ‘edge processing’ of data, and the reliability of 24x7 internet connectvity.

Consolidation of data on the cloud

Security and authentication enhancement

Additonal Logging and Error Handling

Points about both phases

Future Plans

Currently investigating the idea of a 100% cloud solution, removing the edge deployment entirely:

Architectural changes to enhance ‘big data’ capabilities:

Technology details

Download Value Proposition in PDF Format