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Food manufacturing hygeine

For years now the NHS has provided advice on washing your hands as its one of the easiest ways to protect yourself and others from illness such as food poisoning and flu.

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Surprisingly we still seem to remind people of the fact and when they should wash their hands.

NHS advice on when you should wash your hands

Its simple to wash your hands. It removes dirt, viruses and bacteria to stop them spreading to people and other objects preventing the spread of illnesses that could result in the likes of food poisoning flu or diarrhoea. It helps stop people picking up infections and passing them onto others.


The Technicalities

After spending time looking into the technicalities of hand washing and all recommendations published, viewing content and videos of how you should best achieve the perfect hand wash. Software Imaging started looking into how technology could provide a solution to this problem which is facing many industries and organisations around the world.

In search for the optimum technique for washing your hands and managing employee’s technique and compliance to the process, hand washing rules and organisational regulations. For food factories/food manufacturing/health centres/hospitals and organisations in need of compliance and managed hand washing techniques. Software Imaging has developed a camera-based monitoring system that uses AI & Machine Learning.

This allows employers to monitor employees hand washing techniques. Capturing individual employee data through facial recognition or employee tag of techniques adopted, time spent and inappropriate behaviour. It allows us to alert employees at the time of hand washing that their process was good or bad and rules can be set to allow alerts to managers for repeated bad behaviour.

It can go further through integration with door management systems we can even deny acccess to restricted areas if their hand washing technique was not compliant at the last wash. The technology using AI will learn employees’ habits. The system will help to build an optimum satisfactory.

The Benefits

For organisations in different industries that rely on hand hygiene this is a game changer. Our technology can mitigate the worry of a product recall, avoid health and hygiene events and any legal implications in relation to hygene. Having the ability to monitor something as important as hand hygene can significantly lessen the risk of financial loss.

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