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Value Proposition

Introducing TimeShift Clock In/Out

Our mobile solution uses location-based intelligence to monitor the arrival and departure of any staff member.

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A fully scalable solution able to cater for the smallest of businesses to 5000+ staff.

TimeShift Clock In/Out is a unique cloud-based staff management solution able to monitor the arrival and departure of any staff member.

It uses uses location-based intelligence to track any staff member which ends at the threshold of the location and is only used whilst they remain on the premises.

Alternatively, we have an RFID solution that invites the staff member to tap on entry and exit, effectively clocking in & out using their mobile handset. Both solutions have proved very effective and are in use with a number of major restaurant chains both here in the UK and in Japan.

Unique benefits improving staff retention and wellbeing

Technical Overview

Feature packed technology to make everyones life simpler

Location Verification

We don’t want to track your staff and they don’t want to feel like they’re being tracked either. That’s why we’ve developed location verification. This ensures that you can be confident there’s no mistaken or invalid clock in or outs while protecting your staff’s autonomy and privacy. Each clock is verified with a risk factor depending on how far away your staff member is from an approved work location. We won’t stop someone if they fail this check but we make it clear that it will notify their manager to further verify and fix any incorrect time records.

Who’s on; at a glance

When you’re in the thick of focusing on your customers, it’s important you have exactly what you need at your fingertips. One of these is knowing who of your staff are working, on a break, late or recently clocked off. Our shift and staff overview is available in your pocket, tablet or computer.

My shifts; at a glance

As a staff member, there is nothing more important than having confidence in the communication around when and where you are working. Instead of emailed spreadsheets, photos in a group chat or website you can never remember the password for, TimeShift shows your shifts on your phone in one tap and notifies you whenever anything is added, changed or removed.


From onboarding new staff members to reminded them about shifts to checking in on them, communicating at work is a key part of keeping your staff happy and your operations smooth. Instead of maintaining a list of phone number or a group chat just one click in TimeShift will let you notify your team.

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