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Award-winning boutique hotel embraces TimeShift

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Our clients are an award-winning boutique hotel chain based in Dublin Ireland, providing guest experiences and first-class accommodation.

They offer some of the best locally sourced cuisine and offer world famous Irish hospitality. They have become famous for providing some of the best facilities for weddings and corporate events in Ireland.


Software imaging were approached at the latter part of 2021. Our client faced with several issues trying to understand when staff were on and off shift. To make it more complicated they were managing multiple locations with staff moving from venue to venue.

Their biggest challenge was rostering with staff clocking in and out of locations whilst working a variety of shift patterns. The solution of using multiple excel spreadsheets and small mobile apps was failing putting the business under pressure.

Staff complaints were running high creating mistrust between staff and management mainly due to major inconstancies of the monthly payroll. Ultimatley resultng in increased staff turnover and poor retention.

The Challenge

Whilst our clients have several beautiful hotels within Dublin, their creative services and offering meant many functions either private or corporate were constantly changing between their venues.

Staff are offered a variety of roles meaning staff can work in multiple locations at least 2-3 times a week whilst on a five-day shift. The difficulty of tracking staff’s location, hours of work and remuneration prove overwhelming on a month-to-month basis. Disjointed systems and paper-based solutions often resulting in staff either being over or underpaid.


The Solution

TimeShift Clock In/Out is our mobile solution that uses location-based intelligence to monitor the arrival and departure of any staff member. The tracking of a staff member ends at the threshold of the location and is only used whilst they remain on the premises

Alternatively, we also offer an RFID solution that invites the staff member to tap on entry and exit, effectively clocking in & out using their mobile handset. Both solutions have proved very effective and are in use with a number of major restaurant chains both here in the UK and in Japan.

This is a fully scalable solution able to cater for the smallest of businesses with 1-10 staff all the way up to corporate organisations with 5000+ staff.

The Result

Having onboarded TimeShift Clock In/Out just six months ago the hotel has already experienced:

Overall our app has helped reduce stress and has increased efficiency across the business.

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