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Introducing TimeShift

Tie all aspects of workforce management together

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A better employee scheduling experience is just a click away.

TimeShift is a cloud-based Workforce Management solution that provides an intuitive solution to rostering and scheduling problems.

Using the powerful SIL Optimization Engine, AI provides optimal solutions to fulfil business requirements and employees’ individual needs.

TimeShift has the flexibility to scale and adapt to change and provides a platform to fully communicate with employees, maximizing engagement while minimizing the time and effort typically required for Workforce planning.

Timeshift’s forecasting and automation capabilities ensure you produce the most intelligent, data-driven schedule every time, with less effort. With Timeshift, team members have better control over their work schedules while ensuring maximum productivity.

Timeshift uses artificial intelligence to automate the process of ensuring the right workers are scheduled for the right shift, and that those shifts will be in compliance with local regulations

Unique benefits maximizing value

Save Time and Reduce Costs

Real Time, Accurate Data

Save time and Reduce Costs

With Timeshift, your organization can easily and accurately create error-free, dynamic schedules for your staff by location, department, position, and/or skills— with real-time availability conflict checking.

Role based security

SaaS Model


A Cloud Based System

Employee Self Service

A smart, flexible approach to identify the fittest solution

Our optimization engine enables business change. Constraints can be easily added or changed, for example:
Constraints are the business requirements to be optimized, for example:
The Optimization Engine includes constraint rules/priorities.

How Timeshift solves workforce planning challenges

Workforce planner uses an intuitive system to manage the rostering of their staff

‘Autofill’ sends the current roster for optimisation

Optimisation Engine uses Artificial Intelligence to process requirements anfd generate an optimal roster

The optimised roster is returned to the originating user/client session

The optimised roster is displayed. It can be viewed, saved and fine-tuned.

Staff uses a mobile app to view their rostered hours and provide feedback

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