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Mobile App Innovates Construction Safety Measures

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Case Study

Mobile App Innovates Construction Safety Measures

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At Software Imaging, we take pride in the successful development and deployment of a tailored mobile application aimed at transforming the way workplace hazards are reported and tracked.

This innovation, anchored on our commitment to enhancing safety and efficiency, has greatly streamlined the process of hazard reporting for our construction client. Seamless integration with Dropbox has been achieved, ensuring real-time hazard report submission and facilitating quicker response times. Furthermore, with an eye on the future, our application is readily adaptable for potential SharePoint integration, reaffirming our pledge to constantly adapt and evolve in response to our client's needs.


The civil engineering construction client required a modern, mobile solution to address the challenges of hazard reporting in the workplace. Their objective was to enable their workforce to quickly and easily report potential hazards, thus contributing to a safer working environment. The key challenges involved selecting the appropriate database for the app, as well as integrating the database with Dropbox for seamless report uploads.​

The Challenge

Our client specialises in delivering infrastructure and groundwork schemes for clients of all sizes, including multinationals, major airports, councils, highways, and large leisure sector brands. They needed a workplace hazard reporting and tracking tool in the form of a mobile application on both iOS and Android, to allow building company employees to report the hazards they notice.​​

The main challenge was choosing the right database and integrating the database with the uploaded reports to the client's preferred option as the reports’ final destination, a Dropbox account. Our developers also had to keep in mind that the application might need to upload directly into SharePoint and create SharePoint workflows in the future.


Our team created a bespoke iOS and Android mobile application for workplace hazard reporting and tracking, tailored to the client's specific requirements. The workplace mobile hazard reporting and tracking tool strengthens operational health and safety management. It allows field-based workers in hazardous or safety-critical environments to document and notify of any hazards they encounter in a structured and systematic way. Historic reports and the backend information with user accounts are stored in an auditable repository, to ensure they cannot be lost, overlooked, or interfered with after submission. The system was developed to be compatible with a wide range of mobile devices to ensure the greatest possible uptake across the workforce.


Our client was highly satisfied with our service. They particularly appreciated our keen understanding and focus on their needs and requirements. Our team helps technology-driven companies solve their software development challenges cost-effectively by providing dedicated teams of skilled resources. We can work directly as part of your team or can take full ownership of the development process.
We have strong capability in open source, web, mobile, and QA technologies and we have deep expertise in different industries.

Next Steps

The application is set to evolve in line with the client's future requirements, including a potential feature to upload hazard reports directly into SharePoint and creating SharePoint workflows. The focus remains on constantly improving workplace safety measures through digital innovation.

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